The following job or work opportunities exist at Kwikwap Ezeweb CC and Kwikwap. Kwikwap in general is a work from home business opportunity for web designers.

Kwikwap Consultants

Kwikwap Consultants run their own web design businesses and share in the monthly revenue from the hosting fees / software rental fees. Kwikwap Consultants are responsible for their own sales, designs , marketing, admin, training of clients follow up client services. Those skills are very difficult to combine into one personality.

Some of the most active Kwikwap Consultants are , and .

Kwikwap Sales Representatives

Opportinities exists nationwide for people to join Kwikwap as casual- , part time - or full time- sales representatives where you will be teamed up with a local Kwikwap Consultant. Whilst the sales reps will focus purely on sales , the Kwikwap Consultant will do the initial demo of the Software, be responsible for the design of the website and training the client and also be responsible for the ongoing telephonic support which is a requirement for receiving ongoing commission from Kwikwap Ezeweb CC.

Kwikwap Graphic Designers

People well conversed with advanced graphic design skills and CSS Stylesheet manipulation are offering professional Kwikwap Website Designs and Revamps at R600 most notably and . If you are a graphic designer familiar with CSS Stylesheets you can view their portfolio to have an idea on what quality designs must be offered at around R600 in order to be a specialist Kwikwap Graphic Designers. Kwikwap Consultants who make use of Kwikwap Graphic Designers are in general more successfull in selling and building their Kwikwap Consultancies than Kwikwap Consultants who try and do their own designs.

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