The Business Opportunity of being a full or part time Kwikwap Consultant can be summarised as follows:

You may charge R2,500 for a basic website which includes training.

You get the full R2,500.

You may charge addition fees for scriptwriting, advanced graphic design services, travelling more than 100km return, uploading more than 20 pages for a client.

(There is a client's charter which provides guidelines as to what clients can expect from a Kwikwap Consultant.)

In return for being willing and able to offer telephonic support (1-2 phone calls per month) after the initial training you earn a recurring revenue on the monthly contribution (hosting fees) paid to Kwikwap.

Between R40 and R75 per month.

You cover your own marketing and telecommunication expenses.

You are an independent contractor working your own hours, where and when you want.

You will be using the Website Builder from Kwikwap to build websites.

Your clients will have to host with Kwikwap in order for the website builder to work.

You will be following a proven formula of success.

Some consultants are already earning 4 figures recurring monthly revenue after 3 years.

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