Ezeweb is a Kwikwap Franchise which offers a unique business opportunity in web design and e commerce marketing in South Africa.

Kwikwap have created the world's easiest web design tool. This means that we can now offer "normal" people an excellent Business Opportunity.

You need to be driven and motivated. This is more an  opportunity for people with selling- and people skills than technical skills.

The good news is that you can really believe in the product you are selling. Kwikwap is the best website building software available.

You will however need to be able to help people create and develop a decent looking website (No or limited programming skills needed.)

What does Kwikwap Consultants do?

Kwikwap Consulants earn R2,500 per website they sell . On average 3 hours should be spent on designing the website and training your clients.

Once you know the Kwikwap software it is quick and easy to create a complete website with unique features. 

You will be spending other time on sourcing leads, phoning and making appointments.

We are looking to employ professional people who wish to pursue a career in Web Design and E Commerce Marketing in South Africa.

The aim of this website is to provide a concise summary of the Business Opportunity, that of being a Kwikwap Consultant.




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