+ How much does this business opportunity cost?

+ How much can I earn?

+ When do I start earning monthly commission?

+ Can I work in any area?

+ Do I need any graphic or programming skills?

+ Do you offer sales leads?

+ I don't have R2,500 cash to join the Kwikwap agency now.

+ Was wondering if I could pick your brains quick, you've been in this line of business for awhile. What are the most used search terms people use on Google to find us and our type of service? Also, this is my new email address, can we change it on the Kwikwap list? So when I great new sites etc, the system will email me here?

+ What should I do when I want to cancel my Kwikwap Website and move to another hosting company?

+ Does Kwikwap provide mobile web sites? Do I need to be a developer in order to be a consultant? What development training is provided to the consultant?

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