February 2016 Newsletter : Ezeweb Kwikwap CC - 2016-01-29

You are receiving this monthly newsletter because of your close association with Ezeweb Kwikwap CC or Bubdy Web Design. Ezeweb Kwikwap is a License Holder of Kwikwap and the normal business is for License Holders to appoint Kwikwap Consultants who then sell websites to the public where the hosting fees are shared between the Kwikwap Consultants ... more

Developing your Kwikwap Business - 2014-10-08

The active partners of Buddy Web Design are also the members of Kwikwap Ezeweb CC. We wish to appoint people all over South Africa to sell websites , using the Kwikwap Website builder like we do. We speak to many interested people but quite often people fail when it comes to generating business leads and converting them into paying clients. We t... more

New websites during September - 2014-09-08

The following websites were created during the month of September   Name Url Agent Level Comment Finished DO 1 Blue Studio Events Buddy Web Design 2 Client's second website - free Yes 2 Nu Beginnings more

New Websites Created during August 2014 - 2014-08-31

The following websites were created and debit order submitted during the month of August 2014 Agent Dawie Vos from Ellisras Name Url Agent Level Stockpoort Border Lodge MD Vos Ellisras 3 Sweet Sunshine Charters Budd... more

Ezeweb newsletter for March 2014 - 2014-03-01

Hi! It has been a long time since I have written a newsletter for Ezeweb. I have thought of cancelling this website and forwarding the domain to but maybe it is better to keep Ezeweb as is. Here I can communicate with Kwikwap Consultants and we can talk Kwikwap business. What is new? It has been a very busy February... more

Tool for Kwikwap Consultants - 2013-04-23

I have started with a new tool to assist Ezeweb Kwikwap Consultants to get more Web Design Clients. I have created a website called . (Afrikaans for Facebook Marketing) The reasoning is as follows: People spend a lot of time on Facebook We all have Facebook Friends, who have Facebook Friends who have in tur... more

Learn from Sir Richard Branson - 2013-03-27

Found this article on the net today. Trackback Url One of the best things about hearing business pitches is that there is always a new idea and a new way of looking at things. I hear a huge number of pitches in a wide variety of places – we even had a pitching session while cycling in South Africa recently. But the most impressive pitches ... more

Ezeweb Kwikwap - February 2013 Competition and Incentive - 2013-01-31

Congratulations on surviving trough the quite December , January period! Now is the ideal time to build your Kwikwap Consultancy business and increase your recurring revenue so next year's December , January is a more pleasant experience. If you do 10 websites a month you can add R750 recurring revenue to your monthly income. Do this for th... more

Cold calling is best - 2012-08-24

If you want to make a living out of selling Kwikwap Websites then you better get used to the idea of doing cold calling. I have spent a lot of time this past month designing an online training program. See the website of Buddy Web Design. Hopefully this will save us some training time. I also spend quite a bit of time doing marketing on Facebook ... more

Your most important activity - 2012-08-15

Being a Kwikwap Consultant means that you have your own business. The single most important thing that you have to do to be successful in your own business is to source new serious leads.   You need to manage the number of people that are genuinely interested in getting a website from you.   At Buddy Web Design our target is... more

Important announcement : Submitting a Sitemap to Google Webmaster and other interesting news - 2012-08-13

We have started at Buddy Web Design with an exciting Online Training Program. This will enable us to train clients who are far away more quickly. Currently this has been a slow frustrating process via Skype or Facebook chat. But we know that it is possible to train someone via online communication. So we have developed an Online Training Program.... more

Building your Kwikwap Consultancy Business in quite times - 2012-08-12

It is Saturday night 11:58 and a good time to write a motivational letter to Ezeweb Kwikwap consultants. If you have not been receiving the previous newsletters please visit the website. My own emails have been caught in Spam filters. That usually happens when you use the wrong words. Words which I will not use here. I might just swear! lol!. Time... more

Kwikwap Sales Motivation : Overcoming sales objections - 2012-08-07

I have just spend the past 3 hours creating a demo website for a client who we have been casually talking to during the past year. We have not even finalised a meeting for our demo but i have decided to risk 3 hours preparing for this presentation. I will probably invest a further hour just to get another 30-40 minutes of the business owners time.... more

Incentives for recruiting new Kwikwap Consultants and August Competition - 2012-08-03

The year is well under way and you all should be busy with signing up new clients.  Incentive for recruiting new consultants for Ezeweb Kwikwap Besides the R2,500 joining and training fee which you receive when recruiting a new consultant you also receive R100 of the R150 which a consultant pays to be a Kwikwap consultant. In order to motiva... more

Ad Kwikwap to your current product offerings - 2011-11-07

Your visit by Francois Marais from Ezeweb Kwikwap refers. Ezeweb is one of the current Kwikwap Franchises in South Africa and Francois Marais is busy recruiting part and full time Kwikwap Consultants for the franchise. Kwikwap provides a very user friendly website builder and business marketing tool. Now businesses such as Internet Cafe's , co... more

Are you a sales person? - 2011-07-18

Last month David Gouws on the KZN South Coast sold 20 websites. A new agent in Cape Town sold 8 websites in two weeks in Cape Town. She was previously employed as a second hand car sales person. If you are in Pretoria do your best to attend this coming Friday's sales training. Do you feel you need more training? Bring me one or two of peopl... more

Building your Kwikwap Business - More secrets/success stories - 2011-04-03

If you did not see the photographs on the previous newsletter you can view them on the website under newsletter/Blog. (Some email programs filter images and links.) I have a few more success stories to share which can help you build your Kwikwap Business. Some time ago I build a website on credit for .  I negot... more

April Nuusbrief aan huidige en voornemende Kwikwap Konsultante - 2011-04-01

Meeste van Ezeweb se huidige en voornemende konsultante is Afrikaans en daarom die rede vir die Nuusbrief in Afrikaans. Eerstens net 'n snaakse sukses storie (En dis nie 'n April's fool joke nie!) Ek het meer as 'n maand terug in Kalk Baaigesien dat 'n restaurant wat ek in November 2010 besoek het nuwe eienaars het. Dade... more

Kwikwap Selling Secrets - Follow up on previous newsletter - 2011-03-27

The meeting with the new prospective client was a success! We will finish the website together on Monday. The client was more interested in meeting me and chatting about my family and chatting in general. One of the most important lessons you can learn in sales is that "Telling is not selling". I would probably have closed the deal ha... more

Kwikwap Website Selling Secrets - Hard Work - 2011-03-24

In this newsletter / blog entry I will be sharing some Kwikwap Website Selling Secrets with other Kwikwap Consultants using a live demo as an example. People often want to know how much can I earn? Last week me and my business partner from Buddy Web Design banked R12,000. Today she closed 3 deals on her own! I only got one. (Closed = got a firm ... more

Kwikwap Besigheidsgeleentheid - Bekendstelling - 2011-03-16

U gesprek met of Louis Marais of Francois Marais het betrekking. Dankie vir u belangstelling om 'n Ezeweb Kwikwap Konsultant te word. Ezeweb is 'n gemagtigde lisensiehouer van Kwikwap. Kwikwap ontwikkel voortdurend hul sagteware waarmee "gewone mense" webwerwe kan bou en ontwikkel. Webwerwe wat, indien sekere basiese beginse... more

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