Kwikwap Sales Motivation : Overcoming sales objections

I have just spend the past 3 hours creating a demo website for a client who we have been casually talking to during the past year.

We have not even finalised a meeting for our demo but i have decided to risk 3 hours preparing for this presentation. I will probably invest a further hour just to get another 30-40 minutes of the business owners time.

If you do not have enough working hours in the day then I suggest you do not follow this approach.

I am sharing this with Ezeweb Kwikwap consultants so you can learn a few tricks of the trade.

The clients current website is . The website I have created is .

Why has it taken so long to prepare a demo and decide to make that appointment? Well the client is rich and owns a fancy restaurant and he thinks his flash website is more or less cool. From the looks of things he is very concerned about the look and feel of his website. He is frustrated though at not being able to change things himself.

Compared to what the client has paid in the past and what he spends on other forms of advertising finances will not be a sales objection.

I know that once I have demonstrated the functionality of the Kwikwap System that the client will be hooked but that his main objection and my frustration will be the look and feel of the website since we do not do the outdated type of flash websites.

I really I hope to get this business because it will prove once again to me that we should not be scared to approach people who on the outside seem to be happy with their ''flashy'' websites.

One learns a lot of the shortcomings of a website when you rebuild a complete website. I had to type most of the text in the website! I want the client to know that it is not going to be a hassle to switch to Kwikwap. (Pre-empting another possible sales objection). Hopefully the client will see that all he has to do is to sign on the dotted line and he will be on his way to become an internet marketer / to manage his own website.

I might have wasted 3 hours but in the process I did exercise Kwikwap Stylesheets etc. No wonder I build these websites so quickly and easily! There is a lot of hours that have gone into playing around with the system.

In the process of retyping the website I have gained a complete understanding of the clients business and I have been able to improve on his current website. The new website loads faster, is mobile enabled, has important call to actions (Booking Enquiry Forms) , has moving photo galleries and most importantly can be managed by the client himself. Then there is also the built in SMS system which can be linked to his Mobi website, the Facebook Social plugin and the Facebook and Twittering Hovering Sidebars.

The client has Facebook Logos on his menu but I have not been able to find his Facebook page. Since I have been actively been involved with my own Facebook page I can now advise other people. His business and the image he wants to project is funky and "with-it . He needs to be on Facebook and Twitter.

Kwikwap offers a full time career opportunity but it requires the investment of your time. My aim is 20 new websites this month for Buddy Web Design adding R1,500 to our recurring revenue. Do you know any other job which offers the same kind of monthly increases?

So my next goal is to get an appointment to do the demo presentation. I will be reminding myself not to try and sell over the phone but only to secure an appointment. The Kwikwap system sells itself and that is mostly based on the functionality of the Kwikwap System. That has to be seen to be valued. 

I have wasted time previously by doing things this way but I have also succeeded. I will gain his respect and amazement when he sees what I have done just for a demo and it will be easier to convince him that Kwikwap is easy. It will also make him wonder why I am so confident that I would spend so much time in preparing for a demo. Hopefully he will see that I know that Kwikwap is the best solution for his problems .

We have chatted to the client before and we do have a background understanding so we are not being totally reckless with our time.

I still need to finish with cool things like the Google Maps etc.

Hope this motivates you to look deeper into possible sales opportunities and to play around with the system yourself.

PS: Before I do the presentation I will scan trough my sales book again . One should invest in yourself as a sales person and buy a sales book now and then. Selling is an art subject to a few basic principles. Like asking questions, keeping quite, always be caring etc. I need to understand the clients problems and how my product can address his problems. I need to anticipate his possible sales objections. It will probably boil down to ''having a more sexy look'' . I might juice up the site with a sexy photograph. ( I have listened to the client and better address his vision ) .

Sales is not about rambling down a list of technical features.

I do hope though that I will explain to him where his current vision is lacking and create a few more needs when I see the client. (Mobi enabled website, free sms system etc.)

Hopefully I can come back with more positive feedback for you guys. If not I will be too busy trying a different approach with someone else.




Francois Marais






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