Building your Kwikwap Consultancy Business in quite times

It is Saturday night 11:58 and a good time to write a motivational letter to Ezeweb Kwikwap consultants. If you have not been receiving the previous newsletters please visit the website. My own emails have been caught in Spam filters. That usually happens when you use the wrong words. Words which I will not use here. I might just swear! lol!.

Times have not really been quite for Buddy Web Design . To the contrary! But here is something that you can do when you have free time on hand . Select a few people who you have seen in the past year who might have declined the offer because they simply can not afford the R2,500. (They think they can not afford it when in fact they can not afford not to have a website - that is if they add proper content and get proper training.)

Offer them a promotional website on the condition that they do not tell their friends that they got the website for free but that it costs R2,500. Select people who have a lot of facebook friends for example. Or select people in the Printing business. (Printing flyers and business cards) . They usually knows first when someone is starting a new business.

Offer them a free website and spend your Friday and Saturday evening building these websites. Your new clients will be grateful and they will refer their friends to you. I have done just that tonight and last night.

You can view these two websites: 


The first restaurant will actually be paying us trough free dinners. I smell a party coming up which is good. We need to do that as well sometimes.

Even though the websites are free I still offer the R2,500 value. I need the people to buy into the Kwikwap system and add good content to their websites so that in the long run they are successful and happy and keep on paying hosting fees. (Be careful not to select the losers in life because they will end up not paying the hosting fees.)

Am i doing this totally for free?

 No, of course not. I will still be earning commission.

I plan on doing at least 10 of these websites per month. Hopefully the referrals are so good that I can stop doing them. That's the idea. But when times are quite and I have a choice on how to spend a Friday or Saturday night I will do a promotional website and still get the hosting fees. (Do the maths: R75 x 12 months x 3 years = R2,700) . So instead of spending money I have added to my balance sheet R2,700 x 2 during the past two nights) . I will still have to spend time training but the work I have done was really good and the training will go quick.

I found the information for both these new clients from respectively wining and dining out and from facebook pages. It helps to get going quickly.

You may also want to borrow from my ideas from the presentation I e mailed the client.

See my latest newsletter on  . Client Presentation

I even used my own website's newsletter function to do the presentation. ( I practice what I preach.) Content is important for your website's ranking. Even this very newsletter will contribute to website visitors to .

Do yourself a favour and study that presentation. You will know exactly how i approach clients and how i assist them to become internet marketers over time. And how I get referral business in the end.

This website  ( has really been performing poorly in terms of Google Hits. I will register it with Google Webmaster to find out if there is a problem. There have been a few websites where the sitemaps were not submitted automatically and now I submit some websites manually. I suspect that some of the content of this website will be viewed a duplicate content and i may have to resubmit for reconsideration. I initially copied a lot of data from the main Kwikwap Franchise website.

Both these websites which are not signed off and 100% complete took quite some time playing around with Stylesheets. The more I practice the easier future websites become. So I have the added benefit of honing my CSS Stylesheet programming skills. That's why i get frustrated when new consultants do not practice and try new things out. When you join Kwikwap we can only take you to a certain point where you will have to figure some things out on your own. You will notice I seem to be difficult to get hold off. I will invest a fair amount of time with each consultant who proves to be busy marketing and selling.

Good night and good luck from a cold and wet Cape Town! 

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