Important announcement : Submitting a Sitemap to Google Webmaster and other interesting news

We have started at Buddy Web Design with an exciting Online Training Program.

This will enable us to train clients who are far away more quickly. Currently this has been a slow frustrating process via Skype or Facebook chat. But we know that it is possible to train someone via online communication.

So we have developed an Online Training Program. I asked my facebook friends who wants a free websites and wants to follow the online training program and give feedback and I got 4-5 new websites! (I only have 345 Facebook friends) .

Maybe this is a winner? Won't know until we try!

I have also done an advanced section regarding Google Webmaster Tools and submitting a Sitemap to Google Webmasters.

All Kwikwap Consultants should try and advance their own knowledge. This will increase your confidence, you will offer a better service, sell better and have happier clients.

I have noticed that some websites have performed poorly . I have found out that some Kwikwap Website's Sitemaps are not submitted automatically to Google. This is a problem. I prefer to do this manually for my clients to ensure that it is done as it is such an important thing to do.

You can learn how to do this by following this link :

Submitting a sitemap to Google 

I will do more of these advanced training. Please let me know what you are battling with. While I answer your problem I write the Online Training Program.

Another tip : Practice what you preach

If you do not yet have your own website which you use to market your web design services then you should seriously consider doing so. There is many advantages. You will get the opportunity to practice what you preach. How can you expect to sell something which you do not use yourself. Their is the newsletter facility to send your potential customers a monthly newsletter. Systematically remind all your leads of your existence. There is the SMS system which does work. You will encounter things such as Google Webmaster and know firsthand what it is all about.

I even tonight (at 02:25) quickly copied a message from today regarding the online training program and created an Afrikaans newsletter/blog entry on my website about the online training program. (I chatted to a few prospective students via a Facebook message.)

When clients battle to create content for their website just refer them to there past emails and other correspondence.

Sometimes doing something in another language such as Afrikaans will get you a website visitor.

Keep on adding relevant content to your website.

I am basically adding a lot of content to my website and it will show in my Google rankings. All I am doing is formalising casual training sessions, and documenting it , which I have had and will have and include it as website text on my website.

I ahve realised that I have problems with this websites email program and that Technical will only be able to resolve my query later today.

That is why i post this article to the Ezeweb Kwikwap page as well. One way of bypassing Spam filters! I I was not using the Kwikwap system myself for my web design business I would not know the product so well as I do.

It is very late at night. (Early morning hours) I need my sleep which is why I am often not available early in the mornings. (My early is 10:00 - lol!)





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