Your most important activity

Being a Kwikwap Consultant means that you have your own business. The single most important thing that you have to do to be successful in your own business is to source new serious leads.
You need to manage the number of people that are genuinely interested in getting a website from you.
At Buddy Web Design our target is to sell 20 websites this month. Experience has shown me that this means I have to have at least 40-50 active leads . Manage that and you will be successful in your sales. This is something that you have to do daily. 
Below you will see an example of Buddy Web Design's active sales lead as of today. We will make it a priority to up that number. That is the list that we manage daily. That is what will ultimately determine our success. On our list it is only people whom we are 90% sure off who is on that list. (lol! I laugh because experience shows that at the end of the day for various reasons only 50% of our 90% sure list materialise.) This is why it is important to manage your work in progress or your serious leads. On our list we have a column for last action date, last action. You can design your own list but this will force you to be honest about your sales effort.

This will also help you to focus your attention to the most serious clients first. This will give the slower clients to get their information ready, to get their finances in order or to put time aside for the training. Make this list as long as possible and you will find you do not have time for the not so serious clients. You will not get frustrated by some clients slow response.

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