Tool for Kwikwap Consultants

I have started with a new tool to assist Ezeweb Kwikwap Consultants to get more Web Design Clients.

I have created a website called . (Afrikaans for Facebook Marketing)

The reasoning is as follows:

  • People spend a lot of time on Facebook
  • We all have Facebook Friends, who have Facebook Friends who have in turn their Facebook Friends etc. That's the potential power of Facebook Marketing coupled with the fact that advertisers can target specific demographics in their advertising campaigns.
  • A lot of small businesses (our target market) start of their internet marketing campaign with a facebook page, facebook group or personal facebook profile for the purpose of gaining business.
  • Were it not for Facebook I would not have been in contact with 60% of the intended recipients of this e-mail!
  • People are more likely to respond to a Facebook Message than they are to an e-mail.

(Remember Facebook Marketing is all about Online relationships and not the technology.)

I have decided to do this website in Afrikaans because:

  • I want to be unique (First and only in South-Africa) on Google's Index
  • A lot of our potential clients are Afrikaans
  • It's easier to use ideas found on the internet without being accused of plagerism

If anyone wants to duplicate this marketing idea in English , yes please and thank you!

We are still at the market research phase of this project. 

I first thought it would be a good idea to build a directory of Facebook Pages but have since changed my mind. Directories does not work . It involves a lot of time and it simply never gives you the expected returns. We have Google and that's why we do not need directories! Facebook works on Social Relationships and who likes /recommends who and or what.

This website will be driven by Buddy Web Design and Butterbee Solutions.

If you want to have equal exposure on the website then you are welcome to contact us and contribute equally to the content of the website.

But I want to keep the basic idea simple:

  • Each Kwikwap Consultant should also have enough knowledge on the subject of Facebook Marketing to handle himself in conversations with potential clients
  • This could provide an additional income opportunity for you
  • We all daily interact with a lot of people / businesses on Facebook
  • This project would be a good excuse to start a conversation with potential clients
  • Even while we are doing research and asking questions to current Facebook Page owners we will be building online relationships with new people owners...our target market

I will be in contact as soon as we are ready to launch.

We will create a survey which you could ask people to complete to assist us with our market research.

This survey will be found on .

This will give you the opportunity to find out if the Facebook page owner has a website and if he has one if he is happy with the website.

We will build an informative, yet simple website in Afrikaans on Facebook Marketing.

Afrikaans Facebook Page owners will be happy that you contacted them and told them about this resource.

Look forward to hearing your ideas and suggestions.


Francois Marais


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