Developing your Kwikwap Business

The active partners of Buddy Web Design are also the members of Kwikwap Ezeweb CC. We wish to appoint people all over South Africa to sell websites , using the Kwikwap Website builder like we do. We speak to many interested people but quite often people fail when it comes to generating business leads and converting them into paying clients.

We take a critical look at our business and where and how we get clients to assist our consultants to build their own web design businesses.

These are the website which were created during October 2014 or carried over from previous months whose debit orders we collected during October. We look at how we got these clients and our prospective and current consultants can understand the market we operate in. More detailed information will be given below to share some ideas on how to generate leads.

Websites created / debit orders collected during October 2014

Month Name Url Agent Level Comment Finished DO
September Nano Ring   Butterbee 3    
October PAPASA   Buddy Web Design   Facebook Manual
October Gallery F   Buddy Web Design   Clients second website Manual
October Press Up Industries   Buddy Web Design   Print Advertising CO
September Road to beauty   Buddy Web Design 3 Facebook specials CO
September Mooiplaas River Cottage   Buddy Web Design 3 Facebook marketing Yes
September Phirima Game Ranch   Butterbee      
September Tasly Team   Butterbee 3 Main Kwikwap Website Yes
September NFSA   Megan Raath      
September Monreve Accommodation   Dawie Vos     Yes
September Matossie Hunting Safaris   Dawie Vos      
October KPR Safety   Dawie Vos     Yes
September Go Electrical   M Broadhurst      
October Explore Kruger Safaris   Buddy Web Design 3 Marloth Kruger  
October Marloth Park Verblyf   Buddy Web Design 3 Marloth Kruger  
October Phashash Shirts   Buddy Web Design 3    
October Zabdiel Self Catering   Rudy Bosch 2    
October True Three Pecans   Buddy Web Design      
October Plaasvars   Buddy Web Design      
October Select Accom Holiday   Buddy Web Design 3 Client reopened business Manual

We have started various strategies to meet new people and to market our web design services.

These strategies revolve around using facebook groups and pages and creating website directories targeting certain specific topics. We offer a free listing to one and all but get to meet people online and also offer our web design services.

The websites are:

Greater Kruger Park Area

as well as some more time wasters and

Potential new agents

During October the following people showed interest in joining Kwikwap Ezeweb CC:

Lelanie - Strand
Wesley Fester - Cape Town
Frans Jooste - Phalaborwa
Maria Carstens - Marloth Park
Chris Norval - Marloth Park

I do the first 3 clients or so with the new agents and share in the revenue in lieu of a joining / training fee before an agent code is allocated. That way i only spend time with serious people, people who can sell.

Trough being active on Facebook and especially the Marloth Park Property website I have met a large number of people online and have now started selling websites. Visit the websites and find the related pages if you have not been added by myself for this purpose. I love Kruger, Marloth Park and spending time on Facebook. By providing a community service I get to meet a lot of new potential clients. It is only starting to pay off now and it will be months before I am finished , if ever with these projects.

I offer something valuable to tourism businesses in the greater Kruger National Park as well as in Marloth Park. (Traffic via search engines.)

Afrikaans websites are also favoured by people from Netherlands , Belgium etc.

I did this work and intensified my activities when i first learned of our new accommodation and bookings module.

On our website we have also created a special for people in that area. Seeing that we are not able to train people we will save a lot of time. We have already identified potential Kwikwap consultants in Marloth Park as well as Phalaborwa. Our new consultants will benefit from the hard work we put in these websites and facebook groups.

That is the idea of your Franchise Holder, to help you develop your business.

We have also started with

Similar idea, similar modus operandi and now this morning for something local in the tourism sector.  (Website only started 10 October 2014)

Directories work if they are focussed and different and importantly if they are free. We are able to offer this free service because we make money by selling a website here and there.

We also have other secrets which we will share with our consultants personally.

It talkes hours and hours of marketing websites this way. These hours and hours can negatively affect your short term cash flow and sometimes its better and quicker to get in your car and do some cold calling.

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