February 2016 Newsletter : Ezeweb Kwikwap CC

You are receiving this monthly newsletter because of your close association with Ezeweb Kwikwap CC or Bubdy Web Design.

Ezeweb Kwikwap is a License Holder of Kwikwap and the normal business is for License Holders to appoint Kwikwap Consultants who then sell websites to the public where the hosting fees are shared between the Kwikwap Consultants and the inidivdual License Holder.

For various reasons this approach has not worked well for the members of Ezeweb Kwikwap CC and the Kwikwap Consultants and their clients were sold to the main Kwikwap Head Office . (January 2015) .

For every R150 website sold by a Kwikwap Consultant the estimated net profit for Ezeweb Kwikwap CC is +- R50 per month. For every website they sell themselves directly their profit is +- R130.

The members of Ezeweb Kwikwap CC also own and operate Buddy Web Design so they themselves have an existing client base and are also directly selling websites themselves. The previous figures applies to the monthly hosting fees.

In an effort to help their consultants develop their businesses Buddy Web Design often ended up doing designs for the consultants who where struggling to get their web design businesses off the ground and sometimes doing so on a part time basis with the result that the R50 per month per website were not growing fast enough to jusify the ongoing training demands of the newley recruited Kwikwap Consultants.


The purpose of a blog is normally to write articles related to your business, news that would be interesting to your target market. Kwikwap Ezeweb CC / Buddy Web Design is actually currently one and the same but on the website of Buddy Web Design we do not have a monthly newsletter for our sales team or sales force.

This blog entry is more a planning / asking for comments email.

Currently there are only two other sales representatives active in marketing websites for Buddy Web Design.

We have decided to recruit people , and pay them well, who will soley focus on selling websites for Buddy Web Design and then to manage the design and production of these websites ourselves. Sometimes training is involved as well and that usually happens on site.

Buddy Web Design currently finds themselves in Kleinmond with a Sales Representative based in Simonstown (Deep South Peninsula) which is about an hour and a half away. If we are needed for training and maybe a 20 minute meet and greet to close a deal then it figures that we need more than one customer to make the trip worthwhile so there is no real problem because of the distance.

The other Sales Representative lives nearby in Bettys bay and together with Francois will target the Helderberg areas of Gordonsbay, Strand, Somerset West. This is to manage the time and costs involved with driving trough to clients or potential clients.

If Buddy Web Design sell one website a day during a 20 day working month their income should be R80,000 per month. (20 x R3,999) . Why then bother with other Kwikwap Consultants / Sales Representatives?

(Sometimes websites are sold at discounts.) We have introduced a "Local is Lekker" discount in Kleinmond to align with the lower market prices reigning in the area.

The scenario of 20 x R3,999 websites per month should be attainable by a husband and wife team where the one does sales and the other does production.

It took Buddy Web Design years to build up goodwill in the Southern Suburbs and South Peninsula and they would be stupid to walk away from that. The move to Kleinmond is not to be seen as a permanent move. If we can leave the Southern Suburbs and South Peninsula permanently with the business still growing then we can move. That would mean we need someone in that area to assist our Sales Representative.Last year such a possible person was identified and interviewed without us knowing it.Someone who could take over and replace us when it comes to meeting with clients and training them.

We want to develop a similar oepration in the Helderberg area with .

We are also looking at developing our tourism website This will be expanded to a French Website on Kruger with a French Intern starting in February 2016.

This has finally lead to our "biggest thought" and thatis to migrate between the Greater Kruger National Park and Cape Town (Winters / Summers) annually and to focus on not only selling websites but also selling digital listings because we are in the business of selling solutions and not products. Business owners want solutions and not products. We will expand on websites like and .

Attention all Sales People:

We can now sell people in the tourism industry a French Website. Kwikwap has made it possible to have a fully French website and we have a French intern starting.

Cape Town has many Guest Houses and is SA's top destination and the rand is weak making it a cheap destination. We can target the top end of the market and offer to sell them either a digital listing on a website to be created, similar to or their own French Website.

Buddy Web Design will be super busy for the rest of the year but firstly we need to increase our monthly income, our bread and butter lines. This morning we contacted 4 new leads we gathered from local newspapers, brochures we picked up in the area, a facebook enquiry for a Pretoria client, and a local Biltong Shop who just talked nonsense who handed us his business card and email address asking for our details to show his friends. Who knows. 

Ideally one of the two partners of Buddy Web Design would full time source new leads while the other builds the actual websites.

We will be developing these systems over the next few months and employ a new intern or more. The Cape Town intern resigned because we could not police her / assist her daily. The pace of these developments and growth will be comfortable as we enjoy what we do and we are not motivated by money but by quality, people developments and relationships.

Thats our needs. 

My real concern is your needs, how we can assist you to achieve your desired growth and financial security?




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