Kwikwap Website Selling Secrets - Hard Work

In this newsletter / blog entry I will be sharing some Kwikwap Website Selling Secrets with other Kwikwap Consultants using a live demo as an example.

People often want to know how much can I earn?

Last week me and my business partner from Buddy Web Design banked R12,000.

Today she closed 3 deals on her own! I only got one. (Closed = got a firm commitment and request for banking details/invoice)

It was not easy to get to this stage.

We had to be committed and focused. We do not do this part time.

We also continuously source new leads and do cold calling to ensure production ( the sales cycle) in various stages never stops.

Then unashamedly we will admit that we are Christian and that we ask God for business and blessings. (If you do not ask you will not get.)

Back to the live example and the topic: Hard Work

I got a lead from Louis. The client SAMOG has an existing website.

I only managed to secure an appointment today and will only meet with the client for the first time tomorrow.

I am investing up to 2 hours in building a demo website for the client.

Please see .

Have a look at what I did:

I uploaded the document : How to improve Google Results.

I included a short announcement with a Hyperlink to this document in the announcement section.

I typed some of the text.

Improving Google results will be the main selling point and angle of my short presentation.

I know this is a good lead so I will risk investing some more time in preparing for the presentation.

It is a good lead because he was referred to me by a good friend and auditor. It is also a good lead because it is obvious that he will benefit from a Kwikwap Website.

By doing what I have done I have also demonstrated how quick and easy Kwikwap is. I have demonstrated how painless the transition to Kwikwap is going to be.

I also used this opportunity to demonstrate some important aspects of what a website should include, for example the Faq section.

This is hard work. The reward. R2,500 plus monthly recurring of R75 pm. (Do the maths.)

Also we will be adding value to the client. Pretty soon he will appear on page one of Google. Even just with the demo text which I have included. His current website only consists of pictures and brochures which Google can not read. The client is going to be happy. He will get business and refer more clients to us.

So one client is worth much more than the once off R2,500.

What we are offering clients like this client is so unique and so much for the better for the client that my total body language and attitude with which I present the presentation will be convincing. (People know when you are negative or not confident and trying to con them.)

I also hope that the client will appreciate the hard work put into a demo website for him.

Anyway Kwikwap is a great product and we are building a great business but it also requires hard work.

Please note that this demo website might change quickly and that hopefully the demo website becomes the real website pretty soon and then this newsletter will be less effective in understanding.

Also note that I am using this opportunity and using the Kwikwap software myself to write newsletters and assist Kwikwap Consultants.

This I am doing in a natural way by writing about what we do, when we do it and how we do it. At the end of the day this website:

( ) will also contain a lot of original data and I will be rewarded by getting business from the internet.

That is how much I believe in the product I am selling. I practice what i preach. When it comes to Kwikwap ! lol

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