Building your Kwikwap Business - More secrets/success stories

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I have a few more success stories to share which can help you build your Kwikwap Business.

Some time ago I build a website on credit for .  I negotiated that they can pay me by referrals. They operate a printing and copy shop in Moreletta Park. They also have an internet cafe. Today I closed the second deal trough their referrals. They have actually printed Kwikwap posters and put them up on their shop wall. At R500 a website it is a bargain for them. They themselves are surprised that they are getting so much business trough their own website.

Whilst down in Kalk Bay I got a referral. I asked the person to email me his company profile.

I created a demo website.  .

This morning I met the person the first time. About two months later. He has already received three enquiries. Today I showed him the back office and then we started chatting about all but websites.

(Once you get the yes, you keep your mouth shut!)

Sometimes you will just click with a prospective client and by genuinely being interested in what he does, by being yourself you will quickly make friends.

Over the years I often had to "clean up the mess" by helping Kwikwap Clients for free who did not receive proper training from their original consultant. Sometimes spending up to 6 hours without receiving a set up fee. These people become my friends and refer business to me.

Just over the weekend I got two such referrals.

I also made the same deal with . Building a website which they paid off trough referrals.  They are in the Banner , Sign and Business Card printing business. I will go visit Conrad this coming week, have coffee, help him (for free) with his website, talk about life and will probably before the week is done have closed a deal trough a referral. He has been quite because I have been quite.

His website also works for him. He has faith in me because every now and then I will show my face, even if it is just for 5 minutes and I give his clients, which he refers to me, good service.

Another success story: . When I first saw this business' brochure I decided I will sell this website no matter what it takes. So I offered them the opportunity to pay me after 6 months if they were happy with the results. They did pay the monthly hosting in the mean time. Last week I did get paid.

(It seems to work better giving people terms than giving discount.)

My latest scheme / Promotional Websites in Afrikaans

I believe in having one set price for services and will rather give terms to accommodate people who can not afford the R2,500 now. 

It is fair to charge everyone the same price for the same service.

A good business practice though is to have promotions from time to time.

I have started a promotion because I can afford to invest a little time doing promotional work. 

I have just spend the good part of today creating a website just for this purpose.


Secret tip:  By using Google translator you can translate vast amounts of data from English to Afrikaans in seconds. Then go and edit the Google translation because the translator is not there yet!

Why a promotion like this?

  • It will give me the opportunity to get my foot in the door to sell the normal R2,500 self managed website.
  • It gives me the opportunity to do something with A website started as a hobby proving to get a lot of traffic.
  • If I do one or two websites a day I will dramatically increase my monthly recurring revenue.

  • This selected target market consists mainly of people who have had websites for a long time without ever appearing on page 1 of Google. 

  • Kwikwap is the only reasonable tool out there to change that for them. These people re so tired of directories and web development disappointments. I need a real good promotion to do a sales pitch without them even realising it.

The will be so impressed with every so called free Afrikans website which looks better than their current website that pretty soon they will be switching to Kwikwap completely.

This promotional drive will make it easy for me to quickly gather the targeted 150 additional active leads for Buddy Web Design.

Will let you know in following newsletters about the success of this promotion.

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