Ad Kwikwap to your current product offerings

Your visit by Francois Marais from Ezeweb Kwikwap refers. Ezeweb is one of the current Kwikwap Franchises in South Africa and Francois Marais is busy recruiting part and full time Kwikwap Consultants for the franchise. Kwikwap provides a very user friendly website builder and business marketing tool. Now businesses such as Internet Cafe's , computer shops and Printing shops can add the Kwikwap Website Builder to their range of products and no longer have to refer all their clients to third parties. The Kwikwap Website builder is advanced yet very user friendly. To join Kwikwap as a consultant costs R2,500 for the training but you can refer your first client and receive training on the Website builder why the website is being developed for your client. It might be a good idea to get yourself a website from Kwikwap to learn the system firsthand and to see just how good it is. After the first client you may decide to jointly work with Francois Marais on other clients untill you feel you no longer need his assistance to service the clients. Please view the website of and / or for further details. This business opportunity is very simple, we have created the World`s Easiest Website Creation Tool so that normal people can make fully fledged websites in a matter of minutes. 

The market is huge, the Kwikwap system is phenomenal and all we need are self motivated people who want to sell and implement the most exciting web system ever created. Even seasoned IT Professionals are impressed when they see the Kwikwap system in action.
The consultants charge anything up to R2,500 to set up the website for the client (the consultant gets all this money). This is normally done with a one-on-one meeting with the client so that the consultant can also train the Client in the use of the system.
The Client pays anything between R59 (+VAT) and R150 (+VAT) per month and the consultant receives between R40 and R75 per month of this.
If you create one website a day, you will earn R50,000 pm (if you build a website every second day you will still earn R25,000pm). 

After a year you will also earn monthly recurring revenue of +- R12,000pm. Such a passive recurring revenue stream also builds up "capital" (i.e. you build up a 'saleable business asset'). Ask yourself the question, what is a business worth that returns R12,000pm passively? have a look in the "Businesses For Sale" section of the newspapers; such a business is worth a few hundred thousand Rands.
What do we expect from you in order to start your own business:
- Complete the enquiry form 
- A joining fee of R2500 is payable which includes a Training session and manual
- A monthly fee of R150 (+VAT)
Join today, work hard for two years and then enjoy the life you have always wanted ...
Join today, work hard for two years and then enjoy the life you have always wanted ...

We sell a product that is worth between R10,000 and R50,000 for only R2,500. It is a very easy product to sell and our clients are very thankful afterwards. This business will give you a lot of job satisfaction.

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