Ezeweb newsletter for March 2014

Hi! It has been a long time since I have written a newsletter for Ezeweb.

I have thought of cancelling this website and forwarding the domain to but maybe it is better to keep Ezeweb as is. Here I can communicate with Kwikwap Consultants and we can talk Kwikwap business.

What is new?

It has been a very busy February for me.

I wrote an EBook, created the website Kwikwaponline and the website .

Our business as license holders is to help you build your web design businesses.

That means you need to be able to sell, design websites, do you own business admin. You need a lot of disciplines in one to do it well enough so that we get what we want.

We want a lot of happy clients using Kwikwap's software. That's the only way we can make decent money.

We will be changing a few things at Ezeweb. It has allready started happening at other License holders as well.

We will be recruiting Kwikwap Sales Representatives. People that focus on selling alone. We will be using only skilled graphic designers and CSS experts for the designing part. Kwikwap Consultants will remain the nr 1 tool / go between the client and Kwikwap.

You get paid to be the go between.

In February I presented group training in Cape Town and in Pretoria.

In Cape Town only Kwikwap license holders and consultants showed up. I like that. That is the way it is supposed to be.

In Pretoria we had 17 people arriving. To train 17 business people in 3 hours in a small boardroom is quite a daunting task. I hope I did it well enough for the clients and consultants to at least have a road map ahead of arriving at the destination somehow.

Louinne from did some amazing brochures, home page slideshows for my Buddy Web Design website.

You can ask her to brand it for your web design business.

I have a free Ebook which you may or may not use to use as a marketing tool. I will be ready by 1 April with a better printed version. I will be using it myself to give to prospective clients. Give or sell. There will be a printing cost involved. Maybe the sales people can buy it from me at cost and they can then sell it or give away if it means getting a deal.

There is a website for marketing that book. .

I have always included SEO when doing Kwikwap training. Some clients and consultants come only for that.

In future we might separate the two altogether.

Kwikwaponline will be a useful tool to train clients. Check it out. Please let me know your thoughts. I will fix what is wrong. Some videos need to be redone. I did all of this in one month! If you want to contribute then please connect with me.

I will be sharing the benefits with Ezeweb Kwikwap consultants. You can list your business on that website. I reserve the right to ask someone to first sell a few more websites and have a decent portfolio before being listed. We have a lot of wanna be Kwikwap consultants. It is difficult as I have explained.

I hope our new approach will help us to get more work in quickly.

The sales people I recruit will have to do the online training program before they start.

They have to know what they will be selling. I don't have time to interview all the wanna be sales- and kwikwap consultants. The Online Training Program will show me who is serious and who is not, who grasps the concept and who does not.

Kwikwap consultants will get the deals from the sales representatives. They will pay the sales representatives once the client pays. Not anyone will become a Kwikwap consultant so easily at Ezeweb. Some sales representatives will become Kwikwap Consultants.

We might also have Kwikwap Tutors only or Kwikwap graphic designers only. There will be a combination of the different possible variations. You can choose when to work, how to work and how you get paid. We like it that way.

We will be discusing these new concepts when we start passing on new clients to you.

Tradionally it took days and days to train someone the Kwikwap system only to find out they can not sell 1 website.

You will see a whole lot more ideas coming from us.

The best ideas are yet to come. Be ready for a lot more clients. Less money per website but a lot more per day.

A website a day will give you 75 x 20 x 10 = 15,000 p.m. after 1 year. ( R75 = Level 3 , 20 working days per month, you only work 10 months of the year.)

That's the idea.

Please remember the abc of sales. Always be caring. Help your clients and they will refer business to you. Not only that. You will add value to someone elses life.

Let me know if you find a better way to make money and sleep sound at night.

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