Incentives for recruiting new Kwikwap Consultants and August Competition

The year is well under way and you all should be busy with signing up new clients. 

Incentive for recruiting new consultants for Ezeweb Kwikwap

Besides the R2,500 joining and training fee which you receive when recruiting a new consultant you also receive R100 of the R150 which a consultant pays to be a Kwikwap consultant. In order to motivate you even more we will pay you an additional R1,000 for every new Kwikwap Consultant you recruit.

This payment is subject to:

The new consultant signing up three clients and being actively involved in marketing Kwikwap Websites. Where a new Kwikwap consultants only builds himself 3 websites for example and not actively involved in sourching new clients this will not count.

August competition

We are offering a R1,000 cash prize for the consultant who submits the most net new debit orders for the month of August. Net being new debit orders minus clients cancelled. We will be posting the new websites on Ezeweb Kwikwap's Facebook page . If the link does not work visit our website and see the social plugin on the home page. Clients love the fact that our websites can accommodate Social Plugins.

Buddy Web Design (Francois Marais and Melanie Schoeman) will also take part in the competition for August but will have to do twice as much as other consultants do.

Tips ( What's currently working for Buddy Web Design)

Francois Marais is writing this newsletter and , until the other consultants keep him too busy with the books and accounting , will actively be involved with selling of websites. He has already started referring business to other consultants where they are closer to the clients. We believe clients should get on-site training and become internet marketers by actively managing their websites themselves. This way they will get results and stay happy clients longer. ( Happy clients refer friends.). We will only be referring clients to full time Kwikwap Consultants who have proven that they can convert sales leads.

Google Ads

Buddy Web Design will spend R6,000 on Google Ads this month. You should all consider having your own website and advertising with Google. Remember one clients brings in R2,500 and say R75pm for , let say 3 years. One happy client also refers business. Advertising with Google does work and will give you yourself more insight into how Google works and also an incentive to have a good website yourself and to learn what it takes to convert a website visitor to a possible client by considering important factors such as having a call to action.

Remember this is not just a sales job. This is an exciting career and you can become a professional in the field and thereby sell more.

Join Business Networks

Besides having informal networks . (Friends, happy clients, family) you could consider joining a local small business network. Even if you sponsor the setup of the network's website. You will get results on the long run.

Sponsor Influential people's websites

Buddy Web Design is setting up a website for free for a local , very busy and successful talented local photographer. Drumbeat Photography. (Still under construction) . This photographer , besides taking awesome photographs in our area of business and helping us to make our clients website look good also do a lot of photography for small businesses busy with a marketing drive. Out of these clients we will surely get business. He also has nearly 1,000 facebook friends and we will get a lot of free advertising on his facebook page.

Cold calling

We have been lazy in this department. We will be doing more of it next week. Everybody dreads doing cold calling but once you get going. It's important to focus on a relative small geographical location . It takes time and money to travel to and from clients. We offer clients two or three training visits (but hardly get bothered after that) . Why cold calling is so effective is that with your laptop you can see a relative large number of business owners (the decision makers) face to face in a short period of time. It does happen when you make an appointment and after travelling for an hour arrive at the prospective client's doorstep and the client forgot. (Always phone before driving to confirm the appointment). You can spend up to an hour doing a demo and then drive back for another hour. So 3 hours gone, fuel gone and you do not get the business! You are busy with a numbers game so the more people you see the more deals you will close.

Facebook Pages and Twitter

Find out how Facebook pages and twitter work. Do it for your own website. Everyone wants to know how Social Media Marketing works and you better be able to offer the service to clients. We get a lot of business ourselves trough online relationships we build with friends all over the world. 

Have a good August. Work hard now because December is around the corner!





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